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FoodieNow – Where Food Meets Tech

Find Food Personalized For You

Finding food is a personal experience. Each person is unique, with a distinct set of dietary needs and taste preferences. To take on this challenge, we combine our FoodieNow artificial intelligence with millions of food data connection points to proactively recommend a great meal to anyone anywhere.

Who Is FoodieNow For?

Individual Users

Anyone who wants to find food based on  their own diet and taste preferences.


Restaurants who care more about connecting through food than traditional marketing.

Innovative Partners

Health and wellness professionals, nutrition educators, personal trainers, and health tech.

Research and Analytics

Use our specialized datasets and reports to help create the next big health innovation.

Where Food Meets Tech

FoodieNow leverages state of the art data science, natural language processing and computer vision models to create our recommendations and predictive analytics.

Our data is only valuable as what you can do with it, so FoodieNow allows for partnerships and connections for a multitude of scenarios.

  • Nutrition Tracking
  • Improving Wellbeing
  • Food and Market Trends
  • Health and Wellness Tools
  • Food and Nutrition Apps

FoodieNow Features

FoodieNow is a connector of food-related data services, analytics, and technologies. We are building a transformative platform by discovering the millions of connections between people and food to empower better decisions and better outcomes.

  • Personalization

    FoodieNow uses your individual dietary needs and taste preferences to offer proactive meal recommendations.

  • Conversational Search

    Chatbot enabled searches to make finding food as easy as talking to your own personal food sommelier.

  • Smart Sync

    Sync preferences of multiple users to suggest not only where to eat but what each user should eat when you get there.

  • FoodieVision

    Gain insight into your food by simply taking a picture.

  • Mobile Apps

    Find and log food, automatically import data and give personalized recommendations directly on screen.

  • Data Integration

    API integrations allow for our knowledge about food and people to improve a company’s products and services.

  • Reports and Datasets

    FoodieNow’s data and reports can be curated and delivered however you need to empower your organization.

  • AI Functionality

    FoodieNow’s custom AI tools can be used to offer greater insight.

  • JO OTEYFounder FoodieNow

    "The food industry, especially when it comes to nutrition is extremely fragmented. Our strategy of personalizing the food finding experience will be built upon partnerships with innovative companies and individuals."

The Tech Behind FoodieNow

FoodieNow’s platform recognizes that every person has a unique set of dietary needs and taste preferences which can change over time. Because of that, we built our technology to understand your current needs while being dynamic and adaptable to change.

Menu Items
Nutrition Papers

Get In Touch

FoodieNow partners with businesses and professionals to improve the success of their products and programs,
better understand people and and their food behaviors, and identify new areas of opportunity.

For questions or inquiries about partnerships, contact us at any at info@bechewzy.com

Contact Us

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